Intelligent Electronic for Intelligent People

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Now you can show your love for all that's nolongerhuman with nolongerhuman merch! 
Click the link below to be taken to the shop. 

Shop Merch

Or click the title or picture of each product to be taken directly to the product 
details and purchase page. 

                                 Available Merch:

              nolongerhuman Thoughtcrime T-Shirt: $18.00 / On Sale
nolongerhuman Thoughtcrime T-Shirt

                  nolongerhuman Depersonalization CD: $10.00
nolongerhuman Depersonalization CD

               nolongerhuman Cockroach SilkscreenPpatch: $5.00
nolongerhuman Cockroach Silkscreen Patch

                    nolongerhuman Pin Back Buttons: $5.00
nolongerhuman Pin Back Buttons


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